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Property Clearing

FireplaceHave you ever walked into a room and, for seemingly no apparent reason, felt uncomfortable, awkward, or just plain creeped out? This is due to the residual energetic imprints that exist in that room, home, or business.

We know by now that everything is made up of energy, and we are no exception. We are electromagnetic beings! Therefore, every person who has ever been in your home or business leaves behind some sort of  energetic frequency or vibrational signature. So literally all the bad moods, pain, anxiety, or anger held by those individuals when they were present on your property lingers, attaching itself and growing like an energetic fungus. This also includes any negativity and trauma from previous residents or owners of your property/business who, let's say, have been battling a prolonged illness, or have perhaps unceremoniously transitioned, maybe even by way of violence. This residue can even be traced back several lifetimes by “sensitives” and can be deeply embedded in the earth on which your modern-day dwelling now exists.

This harmonic dissonance may cause those who live in your home or work in your establishment to experience symptoms of ill health or sleep issues including nightmares, mood swings, emotional outbursts, depression, unclear thinking, indecisiveness, and even financial difficulties.

This phenomena, though not a new concept by any means, can be a game changer! Energetic clearings of this nature have been performed for centuries by matriarchs and patriarchs of a particular blood or family line, often by clergy, and other strong spiritually-connected leaders such as shaman, wise women, reiki practitioners and an array of other metaphysically masterful individuals who are both skilled and willing to take on the responsibility of this tumultuous task of energy transmutation, known also as spiritual alchemy.

Spirit WomanA Property Energy Clearing can shift the energy to make your property/business warm and inviting by creating a positive resonance.

Before putting earnest money on a new home or business location, it is also a good idea to have us come out and assess the property's energy field to help you determine whether you should place a bid on it. After purchasing your new property, have us do a Property Energy Clearing before you move in or set up business to create a positive, prosperous environment for you, your family or your workforce.

Now, let's talk about maintenance:

Ideally we recommend Property Clearing on a quarterly basis for businesses, monthly if you have quite a bit of traffic in and out of your location, or a minimum of twice a year. For homeowners, we say use your own intuition: If you experience any of the previously outlined events, or after your initial clearing you encounter something — perhaps even a lifestyle change — absolutely, please don't hesitate to call on us! Otherwise think of it in terms of your other routine household chores such as vacuuming, laundry, etc. We would be happy to teach you and your loved ones some basic techniques to help your family becomes proficient in this'normal day-to-day energetic maintenance.

Operating as a team, my partner and I bring with us many unique gifts, guides, and vital skills, honed to a razor's edge through introspection, dedication and intensive self-study, each holding decades of individual hands-on experience as well as credentialed coursework in many of the healing modalities. We are both ordained ministers and are well-versed in bringing soulmates into sacred union, as well as assisting those in physical and nonphysical form to find peace and comfort in their transition.

keysWith our diverse repertoire we would be honored to both teach and serve your property energy clearing needs.


  • Payment Policy:
    We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and personal checks.
    Warning: A non retractable karmic lien will be energetically attached to all NSF checks, so please check your balance prior to transaction.

  • Punctuality Policy:
    Clients are expected to be at their home or business on the agreed-upon appointment date and time. If they are 30 minutes or more tardy, then they will be charged for this time accordingly or if our service time is diminished, no refunds will be given.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to appointment; otherwise clients will be responsible for full cost of appointment. Should there be an emergency, no charge will be made; however proof of said emergency will be required to void payment requirement.

  • Pet / Children Policy:Table
    Although we love both pets and children, they can very easily be imprinted upon or pick up hitchhikers. Clients will be required to remove all pets amd children from the location being cleared. No exceptions!

  • Working Environment Policy:
    We will need access to all corners of areas to be cleared, top to bottom, north, south, east, west and everywhere in between. Clients must provide a safe decluttered work area (ie; crawl spaces, attics, basements, outbuildings, garages, workrooms). Cabinets and closets do not need to be emptied but doors must remain open until clearing is completed.

Cost for Homes:

  • Apartments: $100
  • Townhouses: $100 per floor. Basements and attics that can be walked through are considered a “floor” and will be included in the cost.
  • Single Family Home: (approx 1000 sq. ft.) $150 per floor. Basements and attics that can be walked through are considered a “floor” and will be included in the cost.
  • Open for business5000+ sq.ft. Family Home $250 per floor. Basements and attics that can be walked through are considered a “floor” and will be included in the cost.
  • Outbuildings / barns / workshops are considered a “floor” and will be included in cost.

Cost for Businesses

  • Offices: $300
  • Stores/restaurants/entertainment businesses: $500
  • Small buildings: $200 per floor. Basements and attics that can be walked through are considered a “floor” and will be included in the cost.
  • Large buildings: Contact us for an estimate

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